Soon-to-be Baby Ceci

About 4 years ago I was working at a Caribou Coffee in Shakopee, MN.  I had just moved back up to the metro area and graduated from MSU in Mankato, MN.  My very first day at this Caribou store I worked with a girl named Sarah.  Little did I know, that day would be the […]

Sweet as can be…

In 2006 I met my wonderful husband-Patrick Rivers.  Being that my family was small (just 3 of us girls), & his family was HUGE (2 boys and 4 girls), we quickly learned how different (and how FABULOUS) each of our different families were.  For example-I have 5 cousins-TOTAL.  He has so many I can’t count […]

Love on a PERFECT day.

On June 26, 2011 I was lucky enough to capture Stephanie and Charlie’s love for one another while photographing their wedding.  Stephanie is an old co-worker of mine from Caribou Coffee-and when asked to document their special day-I was delighted.  Cheers to a fabulous couple, getting married on a perfect day, and to many, many […]