Sweet as can be…

In 2006 I met my wonderful husband-Patrick Rivers.  Being that my family was small (just 3 of us girls), & his family was HUGE (2 boys and 4 girls), we quickly learned how different (and how FABULOUS) each of our different families were.  For example-I have 5 cousins-TOTAL.  He has so many I can’t count them.  :).  I finally had the opportunity to meet the rest of my husband’s cousins this summer while at a family get-together in Mankato, MN.  Let me tell you-these cousins {Erin, Jenny, & Carissa} remind me of my sisters and my family-funny, a little bit crazy, and a whole lot of wild all rolled into one!  I had the privilege of photographing their families and children this evening.  I am blessed.  Thank you for a wonderful opportunity Meg & Family.  I hope to see you more in the future and get to know your kiddos (and photograph them more of course!) xoxo. Love.


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