Connor Boy {2 Years Young}

2YearJRP1My littlest Connor Boy turned 2 on March 10th.  He loves to run, jump, play, wrestle, laugh, kiss, hug, smile, tease and tickle.  He brings an ear to ear grin to my face every single time I look at him.  This little boy…he sure is a jokester.  He is almost as tall as his big brother and has a vocabulary that amazes me.  Connor has started talking in  3-4 word phrases.  He can sing the alphabet and count to ten.  A week ago he stopped sleeping in his crib and started sleeping in a big-boy twin sized bed.  WHEN did he grow up?  Where does the time go?  2 years old is a bittersweet age.  Connor’s independence is really starting to set in.  He even asks to use the potty. WHAT?  If he wants to get out of his diapers soon…that is totally okay with this Mommy….but all of the other “grown up” things…the big bed, the independence, the putting shoes on alone, the wiping off my kisses, the “No Mommy” phrases because he wants to do things all on his own…all of that I’m a little sad about.  I mean….when I was putting away his crib sheets I cried. (haha maybe it’s a little pathetic that I just admitted that…but I did.)  Not because of packing up his crib sheets, but just knowing that time is going way too fast.  Before I know it Connor’s sweet innocence will be gone and he will be all big boy.  He already loves to crash into everything with his trucks….and belly slides down our stairs every chance he gets.

Along this fascinating journey of watching my Connor Boy grow up- it amazes me how much personality he already has.  He loves to dance—and give this Momma lots and lots of kisses.  When he hugs me-it is so tight that I wonder if he could hold on forever.

When taking Connor’s 2 year photographs, I wanted to capture his sweet facial expressions.  He is such an animated little guy and when doing any activity he focuses with everything he has.  Enjoy these images.  They are just a brief picture into a day in the life of my littlest.  Love him to the moon and back. xo.


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