Noah {3 Years Young}


My biggest boy is 3.  My heart is so full with love for his sweet facial expressions, contagious laugh, and never-ending energy level.  He is definitely all boy.  Noah loves the movie Planes and is still infatuated with any toy that has wheels.  He loves to read books-currently Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is read about a million times a day in our home.  He can recite nearly the entire book.  He still loves his “lovie”- Ducky (pictured above)….Noah loves to wrestle with his little brother (who is not so little anymore…) and is a thrill seeker to the fullest.  His favorite dare-devil move is standing on the arm of the couch leaping as far as he possibly can ….sometimes bouncing off the cushions onto the floor (while my heart stops every time….) but instead of tears…he laughs the biggest belly laugh the entire time.

Noah is a morning person just like his Mommy.  He often wakes up at 5 am and snuggles with me on the couch while I drink my coffee.  During this time he frequently will give me a surprise hug and not let go for about 30 seconds (I get choked up a little every time because he is so sweet), and gives me random kisses on each cheek and my forehead (I kiss him this same way when he goes to bed at night).  He will whisper in my ear, “sooo much mommy.  soooooo much.  love you soooo much.”

When I tuck Noah in at night I always snuggle in his bed with him at night and sing “You are My Sunshine.”  Sometimes he sings with me, sometimes he doesn’t.  But every time I kiss him and tell him, “I love you to the moon and back Noah Bear”, he grabs my arm as I’m getting up from his bed and says, “more snuggles please Mommy, more snuggles.”  I’m a total sucker for those words.  I know that in 10 years if I hug (or god forbid- kiss) him he will be utterly embarrassed and push me away.  (so glad that is 10 years away!!).

My Noah Bear.  Three.  Every moment spent with him is the sweetest and I am truly lucky to be his Mama.  I can’t wait to see what this next year holds and to watch him grow even more.  xoxo.  I love you to the moon and back Noah Bear.



Noah (3 years) & Connor (22 Months) together


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