Connor Boy {1 Year Young}

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My Connor Boy turned 1 year young on March 10th (I’ve been a little behind on my blog posts….).  Over the past month I have been working on his baby book and here is a letter I  wrote for my littlest to go in his book.  xo.


My Dearest Connor,

I can hardly believe that it has already been 12 months since we welcomed you into the world on a Saturday morning the 10th of March.  The first time I held you, it seemed as though the world had stopped and all that existed was you and I.  You are my sweet baby boy-the 4th member of our family.  There could be no better way to complete our family, than you.

I loved examining every little detail about you on the day of your birth.  From your big eyes (everyone told me you looked like me…I absolutely loved it!) to your wrinkly little feet and tiny hands-every detail was perfect.

Those first few days in the hospital were an exciting time for your Dad and I.  You had LOTS of visitors, and Auntie Kimmy and Uncle Jeff even brought your big brother, Noah in to meet you.  Your Dad and I cuddled you the entire time we were in the hospital and every day since.

Before I knew it we were home and back to our every day life.  You rolled over, held your head up, sat up by yourself, crawled, and suddenly walked-all in the blink of an eye.  And now you are one.  You have grown into a determined little boy who is sweet as can be.  You love to play tag with your big brother and be tickled by Mom & Dad.  Your favorite food is pizza and any kind of fruit.  You love to snuggle with me and I never want that to change.  You can say three words-Mama, Dada, & car.  During naptime Noah climbs into your crib and wakes you up.  You both jump up and down in your crib as long as you can-all while laughing and giggling hysterically!  A few weeks ago after bedtime, I found Noah in your crib, hugging you tight while you slept.  Your big brother loves you more than you will ever know-and so do I.

Connor-Boy is what we call you.  Our sweet baby is growing up and changing but some things will always stay the same.  Your beautiful brown eyes will always look at me with so much love and warmth and your smile will always bring joy to my heart.  Even when I am old and grey, I know that I will look at those two things and I will always see those eyes that looked up at me with so much wonder when you were just one day old, and that smile that lights up the room.  I can’t wait to see you grow and change every day for the rest of my life.  I love you to the moon and back my sweet baby boy.  Hugs & Kisses,  Mama

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