Two. {My Noah Bear}


A few weeks ago my biggest boy turned two years young.  TWO.  Time flies by so fast that my  memory is starting to forget how he was as a newborn baby.  He is anything but a baby now…..Noah loves to chase his little brother, he is a non-stop talker, and the funniest little boy I have ever met.  His silly facial expressions get funnier by the day.  Anything cars/trucks/tractor/train {“choo choo”}/airplane/construction related is at the center of Noah’s attention at all times.  He loves to read books and be read to.  If I ask for a kiss, he gives me one <3.  He loves to do his “happy dance,” and does. not. stop. moving. EVER.  He is 100% a Daddy’s boy but loves to hug his Mama tight.  Noah bear…you are growing up.   I love it and I hate it at the same time.  xo.

2YearCollage1 SONY DSC2YearCollage2

This year I took some photos of Noah playing in his jammies too-they will be up soon. xo.

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