The Scariest Day of Our Lives.


Counting my blessings today.  My two boys are happy and healthy.  Yesterday my husband and I went through an event that was something we never expected to experience as parents.  Connor (our 9 month old) choked on a pretzel he grabbed off the floor (Noah was walking around eating a few of them).  All it took was a split second of my husband and I talking and Connor stuck the pretzel in his mouth and started choking.  He has choked before so I was thinking this would be like the other times he choked on a cheerio or put too many puffs in his mouth…It was not.

My husband tried to get the pretzel out.  Then I tried.  Nothing was working.  We saw Connor turn bright red and look at us with sad eyes.  He was helpless.  The pretzel would come up his throat and we would try to grab it but it kept getting pushed back down.  When I couldn’t get the pretzel out-I knew this was really serious.  We called 911 and not even 1 minute went by and the paramedics were at our house.  Pat and I felt like we were going to lose our little boy.  We did EVERYTHING we could-but it seemed like nothing was working.

When the paramedics arrived Connor was ok.  I believe he was in shock-he didn’t cry.  He was choking for what seemed like an eternity and then suddenly he was ok.   While I was smacking his back he threw up all over the kitchen floor and then he looked at me with his big eyes, and stuffed his nuk in his mouth and acted normal.  The pretzel somehow went down his windpipe….and he was ok.  I can’t even begin to describe the terror we felt while he was choking and the relief we felt when we knew he was ok.  My body didn’t stop shaking for at least an hour afterwards.

I am not one to be religious or talk about god or angels.  In fact, I do not even know if I believe in God or the Bible.  But I am now a believer that Connor had a guardian angel.  The struggle he went through was horrible to watch, and for him to suddenly be perfectly fine is a miracle to my husband and I.  Something or some one was watching over him yesterday and I am so very thankful to hear his cry this morning when he woke up and hear his sweet laugh while playing with his big Brother.  we. are. blessed.  xo.


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