Expecting Baby Addelyn. {Maternity}

Meet Kim & Jeff.  (My twin sister and her wonderful hubby).  They are expecting their first baby- a little girl!  When Kim told me she was pregnant, she texted me a picture of her pregnancy test and asked me if it was positive (you know….those tests are so faintly “+” or “-“).  I immediately cried and called her ASAP.  Several pregnancy tests and a few hours later and we determined-yup-definitely pregnant!  Why did I cry?  Because I am lucky enough to have 2 wonderful boys and be a Mommy- and I am so excited for my sister and her husband to experience parenthood.

Kim and Jeff are both teachers and love kids.  Kim is an awesome auntie to my boys and our other 2 nieces, and Jeff has a way with kids that I would say is not all that common in that many guys.  A few summer’s ago I worked for a summer parks program with Jeff.  We were each in charge of different city parks and had our own group of kids who showed up everyday to have LOADS of fun with us.  Every Wednesday all of the city parks got together and had a field trip together-usually to the pool.  Well….Jeff was ALWAYS the favorite staff by every. single. kid.  I think it was the endless amount of fun and laughter he got out of the kids.  He always knew just what to do to make their day and ensure that their summer was the best ever.  Jeff- you are mean’t to be a Dad- and you will be an awesome one at that!  Kim-thanks for being such a wonderful auntie.  Now it’s your turn to get all of those daily snuggles and “lovies”.  Welcome to the parenthood club Kim & Jeff.  It’s a little messy but TONS of fun!  Addy Caroline-you are the luckiest girl in the world to have these two as your parents.  Love you guys and I can’t wait to meet my new niece.  xo.

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