18 Months Young

Noah turned 18 months young on the 12th of July.  I feel like I just celebrated his first birthday-and it has already been 6 months!!  Wow-time is flying by faster than I had ever imagined it would.  Even though everyday is a challenge with him, (I swear…he is a monkey who climbs on EVERYTHING….not a toddler.) I want to keep him this age forever.  Noah loves to cuddle in the morning while I’m drinking my coffee and he is watching cartoons.  He will give me a kiss when I ask him, and he positively adores his Daddy.  He runs around the house like a mad man laughing and chasing me and the cats. He finally has warmed up to his 4 month old little brother and LOVES to share his trucks and toy cars with him.  Even though I have no idea what he is saying to me most of  the time, hearing his sweet little voice makes my heart melt.  He talks.  And talks.  And talks. And YELLS.  And his laugh- his laugh is something I wish I could put in a box, and keep FOREVER.  I never want it to change.  I am LOVING watching my biggest man grow up.  xoxo.

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