Expecting Number 1

I haven’t kept in contact with very many people from High School.  Just like anybody else I have plenty of people from High School on my facebook.  I see their posts and pictures once in a while, but I don’t actually see very many people I graduated with in person-except for Jessica.  I was friends with Jessica in my 9-12 years but didn’t really keep contact during my college years.  However, when managing a Caribou Coffee in Edina, MN I was lucky to see Jessica every morning (almost).  She came into my store and ordered her coffee on her way to work and she was ALWAYS a smiling and familiar face to see.  I haven’t been working for Caribou for almost a year now, and when Jessica contacted me to do her maternity photos-I couldn’t resist.  Being a new mother myself (well fairly new….) I know just how important those photos can be-your only pregnant for the first time once in your life and having those moments in photos is priceless.  I most definitely said “yes” to the opportunity to capture such a special time.  Best of luck to you Jessica & Landon-  Zachary is a very lucky little man to have you as his parents!  xoxo.

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